Chicka slams Blueface: “literally farts on the mic each and every time”

Chika talked about misogyny within the rap game in a lengthy Twitter rant on male versus female rappers, while also ripping Blueface’s technical skills.

 Chika, is a Grammy-nominated rapper, model, and actress from Alabama, real name Jane Chika Oranika. She signed with Warner Records in 2019, after gaining attention on social media. Jane was nominated for the Best New Artist Award.

Recently, Chika found herself participating in a Twitter debate about the different norms that women are held to in rap game relative to men. After a user who wrote  “Women aren’t allowed to be mediocre… not in rap… have to be a frickin monster just to even get a chance,” – she pointed out several examples of misogyny Within the music industry, But none other than Blueface was slammed by one of those takes, though. “exaaactly. we can’t slack because we’re already at a disadvantage since hip-hop is male-dominated.-she replied to referenced account, meanwhile, Blueface literally farts on the mic each and every time, and can exist in the genre with no problem.”

The Alabama artist continues the discussion in length.