Gucci Mane saved Pooh Shiesty From Yo Gotti & Young Dolph’s beef

On February 5, Pooh Shiesty visited “The Breakfast Club”. The Memphis rapper promoted his debut mixtape “Shiesty Season” and detailed how Gucci Mane kept him out of Memphis’ most notorious rap beef — Yo Gotti and Young Dolph.

“I ain’t gon’ lie, I ain’t never wanted to sign to nobody, It’s just my mentality. Even though in the city, you gotta sign to either one of them: Paper Route or CMG. So before Wop came, I’m still Choppa Gang that’s my name. I wanted it be like, ‘Why you can’t sign to Chopper Gang, CMG or Paper Route?’ Then Wop came, boom. Perfect.” – the 1017 rapper said.

Then Pooh was asked about how all the feuds within the city be squashed.

“It be that, Folks be havin’ they feelings like they don’t want nobody to past them. I don’t really care. Pay yo homage and do right, keep it legit. I don’t respect none of that sucker stuff.” – Pooh said.

“I’m not just cool with everybody but we familiar in some type of way. They know me, for sure. Before the rap, either I went to school with ’em or they from my hood or they from the hood behind my hood. If I f— with you, I f-k with you. You’ll know if I don’t. Memphis is little bruh, we ain’t even got a Westside. West Memphis is Arkansas. Keep going too far and you’ll be in Mississippi. All you got is East, South and North.” – he continued.

Watch Pooh Shiestys’ full interview below: