Lil Pump hangs out with Hulk Hogan

Lil Pump recently took to Instagram and boldly claimed he’s the new age Michael Jackson, he dissed Eminem and received lot of backlash for it. He also got banned from flying JetBlue airways after refusing to wear a mask. Airline’s stated that he will not be able to fly with them anymore. Rapper also posted anti-mask, COVID-denying video online.

Lil Pump also becomes the latest celebrity to join OnlyFans and he promises to drop some of the hottest content on his OnlyFans account.

His loyal fanbase will now have exclusive access to never-before-seen content, unreleased music, and the wild, behind the scenes life of Lil Pump”, Lil Pump’s marketing group said.

Now Lil Pump hangs out with his brother “Hulk Hogan”. Pump took to Twitter to share his pic with WWE legend.