Welcome to the behind the scenes of “Your House,” filmed at Hopsins’ house

On January 22, The Los Angeles Emcee dropped a new song “ Your House”. Hopsin been fighting psychological problems for the last few years, but now he is officially back.

“I just want to update you guys before I start releasing new music in 2021. Over the past three years I was in a really dark and depressing state. I felt like hurting myself. I felt like hurting other people. I had friends and family who tried to give me advices but I just wrote it off because I assumed that the issues and problems that I was encountering were above anything that they could comprehend. I created my own hell.” – said Hopsin.

Few days ago hip hop star shared the behind the scenes video of his latest music clip “Your House”.

“Welcome to the behind the scenes of “Your House” filmed at my house” – Hopsin starts.

“So, this song is about my life growing up when I was younger you know from as young as I can remember up until around age 14 or 15. There was a lot of issues in my household you know mainly with my parents. They used to go back and forth all the time. And I never knew the reason why I would hear bits and pieces but I never got the whole story even till this day. I wanted to make this song because, after I did a few therapy sessions, you know, a couple years back, the therapist she had brought up my childhood and was asking questions about my life. You know, I thought everything was fine, I was like oh nothing, there is nothing crazy that went on in my household. So, She was aking about my parents and then we eventually got to the point of my parents fighting and then I was like oh s*it.”

Watch the full behind the scenes video here: