Twitter reacts to Lil Nas X’s ‘breast implants’

Recently, Lil Nas X uploaded, on his social media page, an image of himself with breast implants.

“Got bored so I bought titties. What you guys think?” – wrote Lil Nas X on Twitter.

It is unconfirmed at the moment exactly why he did them, but it is likely for a music video or photoshoot.

“This super bowl really got me thinking…where da hell imma find a bra for these big a** titties.” – tweeted Nas X.

The rapper even uploaded a TikTok video with the breasts (this time, covered up).

Many people had negative responses to the pictures. One follower writed that Satan was looking and laughing, expecting the rapper.

“Satan will never have these titties. These titties belong to God you loser.” – replied the rapper.

Peep a few tweets below: