Lil Yachty teams up with six Detroit rappers for new song “Royal Rumble”

Lil Yachty has released a music video for his new song, “Royal Rumble,” which features six emcees from hip-hop’s one of the biggest scenes: Detroit.

In the video, directed by AMD Visuals, seven hip-hop artists share the spotlight and gas each other up as they roll through their hard-hitting verses. The rappers that are featured in a song are: Krispylife Kid, RMC Mike, Babyface Ray, Rio Da Yung OG, DC2Trill, and Icewear Vezzo.

Even though Lil Yachty has not announced any release date or tracklist for Michigan Boy Boat project, “Royal Rumble” could be tied to that album. As Pitchfork has reported, the Atlanta rapper has embedded himself in the Michigan rap world over the past few years, working with artists out of both Flint and Detroit.

Bump the track below: