Method Man & Math Hoffa talk about Eminem & Snoop Dogg feud

Legendary Method Man talks about Eminem and Snoop Dogg feud on the latest episode of “My Expert Opinion”.

“In a room where we just in it. We boys and s**t like that. We say that kind of s**t to each other. You know ‘I don’t f**k with your s**t, it’s wack’ but when it’s put in a public form, it takes whole different lights. For example, I can tell my best friend to shut the f**k up when me and just him in a room. He will take it no kind of way but when we are in the room full of motherf**kers and I say that then it takes whole different lights. It’s like ‘you gon’ tell me that in front of these ni**as?’”

Eminem should have look at it as boys being boys. It’s like ‘you don’t f**k with my music? so what? but that was a public platform that’s why it hits little different. So for Eminem who is revered not just by white kids but also blacks cause we know he respects the genre. Eminem can say the wackest bar in the world and they will be like ‘omg dude did you hear what he just said.’ It’s the same thing for Snoop. I’m pretty sure Em heard verses from Snoop and he was like ‘ni**a that s**t was garbage.’ But Em is a type of person that only tell Snoop that in a safe space. In a safe environment. Snoop on the other hand, he ain’t rapper anymore. He’s public persona. He’s beyond superstar. Everything he does it’s a public form.”

“We all know Eminem does not have thick skin. You can tell that by his records that he does not have thick skin and if anybody said anything sideways about him he went ape-s**t and went in on him to the point where he ruined careers but we loved that s**t cause that where the culture came from. Especially battle rappers. They love that s**t. And I think everybody Eminem ever dissed on a record he hated their a**es but he don’t have that energy with Snoop so it was more hurt than ignite.”

Watch the interview below: