Rowdy Rebel sends out heartfelt message to Bobby Shmurda

Rowdy Rebel captured the attention of the media by being linked to Bobby following the success of “Hot N***a.” But shortly after gaining fame, conspiracy charges were booked against Rowdy, Bobby, and other GS9 members. Instead of cracking under pressure, by taking a longer sentence, Bobby simply kept silent so that he and Rowdy could have identical release dates.

Shmurda is allegedly serving a longer term in prison after negotiating a reduced sentence for Rebel. Rowdy went to Instagram on Monday where he wrote a long post thanking Bobby for continuing to be a sincere friend.

“I wouldn’t be here RN if yu Haven’t been the same genuine person I meet in elementary…. I never Seen yu fold or bend through treacherous time’s always thinking Nd doing for others,” Rowdy penned one a image of the rapper. “I thank god I got a friend like you I could call a brother I love yu like yu My Mama Kids ….see yu soon kid.”


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