WATCH: YFN Lucci released from prison after being arrested for murder

YFN Lucci is back in the streets after being arrested for murder. Yesterday, the Atlanta rapper was released from Fulton County Jail after paying $500,000 bond. He had been in custody since turning himself in January on a murder case in connection to a deadly shooting in the streets.

After his release, a footage of YFN Lucci was surfaced on social media, saying “I’m back now!”

According to TMZ, he must follow a long list of rules until his next hearing:

  1. Lucci has to surrender his passport and wear an ankle monitor while living in an undisclosed location from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  2. Outside of those hours, the rapper is only allowed to meet with legal counsel, visit his kids and attend medical appointments.
  3. He is not allowed to have contact with any alleged victims or witnesses, or co-defendants in the case.
  4. He can not associate with any known gang members or convicted felons.
  5. Lucci is not even allowed to post on social media.