Cordae promises his sophomore album will surpass “The Lost Boy”

North Carolina’s youngster,23 year old rapper Cordae (formerly YBN Cordae) has linked up with legit free hookup sites for a new documentary .

Cordae has pretty much a solid start to his career ,from responding to J. Cole’s 1985 with his freestyle titled “Old N***as” to hitting studio with might Dr. Dre and then releasing critically debut album “The Lost Boy” which earned him two Grammy nominations.

On his documentary and interview with Billboard , Cordae says his next album will be completely different from his debut.

“It’s a completely separate idea than The Lost Boy. It’s not going to be a Lost Boy Two. It’s just going to be better, I just know it. The Lost Boy was great for that time but that was not my Magnum Opus. It’s still going to continue to grow, because good music lasts forever. But the next body of work is truly is going to surpass that by far, easy. Easy layup.” says a confident Cordae