Lil Uzi Vert’s jeweler reveals the process behind $24 Million forehead diamond

Lil Uzi Vert’s jeweler explains the process behind $24 Million forehead diamond.

“We didn’t think he was serious about it, but as he started making payments on the specific stone, he made it clear that he was very serious”, said Babaev.

He added, “Yeah, it’s as safe as any other piercing”.

“As long as you maintain it well and have good upkeep, it’s perfectly fine. We made sure that prior to getting anything done that Uzi brought someone in to consult on everything. We didn’t just do this randomly.”

Babaev continued, “It’s only a piercing, guys, I done had 10,000 piercings in my face. And when I had my piercing in my face last time, y’all was going in on me … Relax. That’s why y’alls face don’t have nothing on it and that’s why my face has everything I ever wanted to put on there.”