Robin Thicke reveals Jay-Z’s greatest advice for his upcoming album

Singer Robin Thicke is gearing up to release his new album ‘On Earth, and in Heaven’ tomorrow . In a new Interview for the album Robin linked up for an exclusive chat with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe where he revealed getting A&R advice from one and only Jay-Z.

Thicke explained since his own producer Andre was unable to get in touch with he called up Jay-Z and asked

“Hey, I don’t have Andre. Would you mind stepping in this time to help me with the track listing?’ And Jay gave me the greatest A&R advice. Went through each track, sent me a little note about each track. And the good thing was, I didn’t even tell him because I was kind of sure I didn’t need two or three records, but I sent him all of them to see if he said the same thing. And he said the exact same thing. “You don’t need these three records. ” explained Robin Thicke regarding his conversation with Hov. Watch below.