Yung Bleu slams Tory Lanez for remixing his hit song without permission

Earlier today Tory Lanez freestyled on upcoming artist Yung Bleu’s hit song “You’re Mine’s Still” which was also remixed by another Toronto native Drake which helped the song to blow up as just this week the song has entered in Top 30 of Billboard Charts.

Now after Tory released the song on his Youtube only he has to face huge criticism from Yung Bleu himself who accused Tory of not responding to his collaboration request, not giving shoutout to him and posting the freestyle without permission. Bleu’s posted allegations against Tory has been now deleted from social media ,check out a screenshot below:


Tory Lanez has responded to Yung Bleu on his twitter and wrote

“crazy thing is … I love your music and your song , that’s why I remixed it .. your an incredible artist .. and I’ve been listening to yu since “Unappreciated” .. but if you feel some sorta way, we can just talk like men over a phone and not social media .Love bro”


Currently the freestyle video on Tory Lanez account remains blocked by Bleu’s distribution label EMPIRE, with danger of copyright issues we are not sharing link of remix ,but you can search it on youtube. Meanwhile Tory has promised fans he will be releasing  freestyles on Youtube every Friday.