Cardi B reveals real meaning of her latest single “UP”

Cardi B appeared on Late Show With Jimmy Fallon this thursday where she made revelations about the real meaning behind her new song “UP” that’s already doing numbers. Jimmy asked “If it’s up then it’s stuck” what does that mean? , Cardi’s answer made Jimmy shook. Here’s what Cardi said:

“So have you ever took a poop right? and it don’t come out?Β  It’s just up and it’s stuck; it’s a metaphorical quote”

Cardi B later also explains how hard it is to shoot music video in pandemic and she needs to focus on couple of songs and videos for her much awaited sophomore album. Watch the conversation below:

Cardi’s use of the lyric “If it’s up then it’s stuck” was accused of plagiarism last week when a rapper from New Jersey Mir Fontane claimed that he already used this lyrics on his September 2020 guest feature. Cardi B defended herself with couple of strong points later.