KXNG Crooked discusses his own unreleased ‘Dear Mama’ track on 25th anniversary of 2Pac’s ‘All Eyez On Me’

Today, 25 years ago, Tupac Shakur released his legendary album “All eyes On Me.” Rapper KXNG Crooked decided to share his opinion about his unreleased “Dear MaMa” track, which he dedicated to Tupac’s album anniversary.

The California rapper has already worked with Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and Snoop Dogg.

“‘All Eyez On Me’ allows listeners to experience hip-hop on a number of different levels” – KXNG told.

“It’s packed full of all the messages we love hip-hop for. The Public Enemy messages. The Ice Cube messages. It gives you rhyme and ciphering, with people like Method Man, Redman and Kurupt being on it. It gives you that slick talk that we love from the street corners. It has everything.” – he continued.

“When I first heard it I felt like there was going to be no stopping 2Pac. He was so vivid with his words and that’s one of the reasons why we loved him so much. I thought he was about to make another 10 albums just like it and then be the biggest superstar we’ve ever seen.” – Crooked added.

Crooked also said that when he was homeless and sleeping in the back of a library, 2Pac was the person who inspired him to keep pushing on with his own career. He also added that he created a song named “Dear Mama”, that he recorded before 2Pac drooped his track of the same name in 25 years ago.

“When I was young, my mother left California for Oklahoma because the economy was fucked. Everything had turned super expensive,” said Crooked. “But I decided to stay. I wound up homeless and I started missing my mom so I wrote her a letter. I recorded it at this studio owned by two former NFL payers, Chuckie Miller and Leonard Russell, who took an interest in me. That song was called ‘Dear Mama’ and it was done before 2Pac did his.”

He continued: “About a month later 2Pac drops his ‘Dear Mama’ track. I said, you know what, I can’t use this song. I wasn’t even in a position as an artist at this time in my career to put music out. I was just making music for myself, for my soul and my sanity. But when I heard 2Pac’s ‘Dear Mama’ I realised I was on the right path because my favourite rapper of all time had created a song in the same vein as mine.”

You can listen 2pac’s legendary music “Dear Mama” below: