Producers reveals Nipsey Hussle’s plans to collaborate with JAY-Z

Earlier this week we got a posthumous song poly matchmaker from the late L.A. rapper Nipsey Hussle in which the legendary JAY-Z was also featured. The song which appeared on upcoming movie “Black Judas and The Black Messiah” inspired album, was the first ever collaboration between the two. In a new interview with GQ Magazine producers responsible for the song “What It Feels Like” duo Mike & Keys and Dopson talked about how the song came together and Nipsey’s own plans to collaborate with JAY-Z.

Mike of the duo Mike & Keys reveals Jay-Z heard the song “What It Feel Like” five years ago before it’s official release this weekend “To be honest with you, we thought Nipsey really didn’t like that song at first, Jay heard it five years ago when Nipsey was still here, and loved it, Then he asked for it again about a year ago.”

My relationship with Ryan, who I consider my little bro, [is what] brought me to the movie,” Jay-Z told GQ. “And once I saw it, I was blown away by what Shaka King brought to the table. I think I finished the song in the next day or two.”

Mike reveals Hussle’s original idea for a collaboration was for Jay to get on a remix to Victory Lap’s “Rap Niggas,” but the moment never materialized. “Nip was a timing guy” remembers Keys. “He was like, when the time comes, it’ll happen. Nip always wanted a song with him” Keys says, but he never pressed the issue. “One thing about Nip man, he’s not going to ask anybody for nothing,” says Dopson.