Watch : DaBaby responds to the questions of dating Megan Thee Stallion

DaBaby and Megan Thee Stallion’s friendship is now becoming a very hot topic in industry as the Charlotte rapper confirmed his breakup with singer Dani Leigh earlier this month.

On his latest appearance at Gillie da King’s podcast “Million Dollaz worth of game” DaBaby has to face a question if he has taken his friendship with Megan to another level . But first Baby was asked given the chemistry the two of them have on the records together will they both ever work on a joint album to which DaBaby replied “It’s definitely on table” . Right after this question Gillie asked “Being that both of y’all single, you ever thought about shooting your shot?” Dababy straight away cleared the air with his response “I’m a businessman” which erupted in laughter from everybody ,the host kept pushing Baby but his reply was the same “I’m a businessman” . Watch the hilarious clip below

Megan Thee Stallion and DaBaby have collaborated on three songs “Cash Shit” (2018), “Nasty”(2019) , and their latest hit for which a music video was released recently “Cry Baby”. Few months ago Megan also admitted her and DaBaby have undeniable chemistry on songs and she replied this to question of a possible joint project with him “Now that I got my album done and he just dropped his EP, we definitely need to get to work on that.”