G-Eazy teases a new song with Lil Wayne

In a new interview with Elliott Wilson, G-Eazy teases a new song with Lil Wayne.

“It’s the record I have with Lil Wayne,” teases the rapper. “It’s so significant to me because 
Carter 3 and the whole mixtape era that came prior to that, the ascension of Wayne, hits particularly hard to me. As such a fan in those years of my life, 2005-2007, that’s when I was coming of age, beginning to find my voice in hip-hop. And he was on top of everything, he was on the top of his game. And I moved to New Orleans in 2007”, says G-Eazy.

“Fast forward a few years, I was managed by Tez, and my first big tour I got taken on was with Lil Wayne,” he continues. “To bringing him out at Coachella and putting him on his first Coachella stage — he never played Coachella yet. Getting to be that guy who brought out Lil Wayne…It’s one of those things, like being able to spar with your hero. And it’s a real hip-hop record.”

Watch the interview below: