Machine Gun Kelly wears Megan Fox’s blood around his neck

In his most recent Instagram post, Machine Gun Kelly revealed, that he wears Megan Fox’s blood in a necklace. MGK shared several lovely set of photos of himself and his girlfriend Megan Fox For Valentine’s Day.

Couple posing together, and celebrating Valentine’s Day. But the 2nd photo is of a necklace MGK wears.

“I wear your blood around my neck,” – he captioned the post. In the center of the necklace appears a drop of red.

Kelly is not the first celebrity to wear his partner’s blood around their neck. In the early 2000s Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie wore each other’s blood in necklaces during their relationship.

Fox, also shared new photos of herself and Kelly on Instagram for Valentine’s Day, though the post made no mention of necklace or blood.