Watch : NF releases new song and music video “CLOUDS”

Michigan rapper Nate Feuerstein popularly known as NF announced yesterday that he will be releasing a new song title “CLOUDS, he also shared a trailer for it. Now as promised the 29 year old rapper has finally shared his comeback song and cinematic music video accompanying it. Nate also announced it’s the first single off his upcoming mixtape with the same name. Around the time of live premiere of the music video almost 97K people tuned in on his Youtube. Watch and listen below:


NF addressed why he’s releasing mixtape on the first verse of his song

“Mixtapes aren’t my thing but it’s been awfully. Exhausting, hanging onto songs this long is daunting” raps Nate. Late in the song NF who has two chart topping albums “Perception” and “The Search”Β  to his name boasts “Raising the bar, I gotta expand. Top of the charts, I’m setting up camp”.