Post Malone responds to possibility of working with 6ix9ine

One of the biggest artists to emerge in recent times Post Malone was caught outside after party by paparazzi yesterday. Posty who looked in good mood answered the reporters questions one by one . One of the question thrown at him was will he ever like to work with controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. Without wasting a single second Post Malone straight up denied the possibility of working with New York rapper and said “Chances are no”

6ix9ine who was released from jail last year has been openly talking about being shunned by industry and everyone being against him. His comeback album “Tattletales” which was released in September 2020, featured just two major artists Akon and Nicki Minaj. 6ix9ine’s collaborator , puerto rican rapper Anuel AA denied to work with Tekashi ever again last year as he said he backs the “street code” and supporting a “snitch” goes everything he believes in.