New Song & Video: Problem – “4 The Low” ft. Wiz Khalifa

Problem and Wiz Khalifa team up for a new single “4 The Low.” Now when marijuana legalization is underway in many states of America, Black entrepreneurs can finally bring their visions to life without the fear of the law. But there still remain many double-standards that exist within the nation. In order to give the light to minorities, Problem and Wiz dropped new single in support.

“This video was designed to shine a light on minority-owned cannabis companies. We have been imprisoned and shunned for the use and distribution of marijuana. It is a slap in the face to watch these big brands come in and profit with the new legalization while our people are still locked up. It must change. With Wiz being a God in the cannabis world, I appreciate him taking this opportunity to show love to others in the space.” said Problem in an official press release.

Some of the quotable lyrics include: “Black market on the East side they boxed up and got rich / For that same thing they doin now homies locked up and I’m pissed / In a whoop-wham still boxed up while them white folks get rich / So I make sure that I buy something every time I make the money flip.”