Rihanna releases gigantic sized book: “The Rihanna Book”

Rihanna‘s visual autobiography, titled The Rihanna Book is now available in a gigantic “Queen Size” hardback format.

The coffee table book measures at a huge 25 7/8 by 19 3/4 inches — almost the size of small-scale televisions — and features 1,050 illustrations of the fashion and musical icon. Queen Size is limited to 500 copies only and is available now on Phaidon for £995 Great Britain Pound which approximately equals to $1,380 USD.

Back in 2019, the RnB superstar collaborated with Phaidon to release the book with 500 pages which featured 1,050 photos of her, and it quickly became a fan-favorite. Almost two years later, it now appears that the book has gotten even bigger. Check out the post below:


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