Pop Smoke’s mother expresses sympathy for families of her son’s killers

On the occasion of 1 year since Pop Smoke’s passing his mother Audrey Jackson appeared on Breakfast Club where she discussed her late son’s legacy, Anti Gun-Violence, her thought on forgiveness and much more.

Audrey Jackson explains how Pop Smoke used to listen to Breakfast Club

“These moments, they’re bittersweet . Here at the Breakfast Club, you guys, he would listen to you all every day. He sat in the kitchen at the table, played you all. This should have been his moment. “

On the question of how she feels listening to Pop Smoke’s music being played everywhere does it help in healing or hurts

“It hurts, and I’m gonna tell you guys, I don’t unless I have to. I can’t listen, even in my car. I turn on news. I can’t. Any kind of music. Because that was our connection, that was our thing. We danced together, we sang together. Our relationship was around music in our household

Miss Jackson also touched on the topic of forgiveness

“They’ve done something and there should be some sort of repercussion for what they’ve done. But my brain goes to their households that have been disturbed. Mine has been damaged, but their moms and their dads, too, have had some stuff. It’s not about forgiveness, per se, but just kind of understanding the dynamics of what’s going on. I  really try not to operate out of a place of negativity or anger because it doesn’t serve any purpose.” says Smoke’s mother,

Watch the full conversation below where Pop Smoke’s mom is joined by Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams