Watch : Playboi Carti appears to punch a guy who confronted him

Rapper Playboi Carti was in middle of a tense situation earlier as he was approached by an angry stranger who confronted him  while recording with a phone. Whole drama was recorded and now the footage has gone viral on internet.

“Why you pullin’ out the phone for? I don’t know you,” says Carti reacting to the move made by individual. Later the man asked Carti to pull down the pistol even though it’s not clear from the clip if Playboi Carti had one at the time.

In a threatening manner the man says to Carti “Hey, you put your hands on my sister again , I’ma kill you, boy! I ain’t scared of no pistol .F*ck a pistol, what your hands like?” After this what happens couldn’t be seen because the camera was facing towards ground but a sound of getting smacked can be heard.

Later the 24 year old rapper Playboi Carti took to his twitter and confirmed he knocked out the guy. Check out the footage below: