Shots Fired at Roddy Ricch and 42 Dugg music video shoot in Atlanta,3 injured

Earlier today a violent incident occurred during Rappers Roddy Ricch and 42 Dugg  music video filming. Reports says shots were fired at filming location in Atlanta leaving at least 3 people injured.

According to news report , Police say two people were shot and a third person was injured when the set of a music video turned into a real-life shootout Sunday afternoon. Officers responded to shots fired at a scrap yard on Wells Street in southwest Atlanta around 4 p.m. When they got there, they found a man grazed by a round of gunfire. EMS later determined Peter Cook, 39, was hurt by debris and not a gunshot. Antoine Blake, 25, and Vernon Moulder, 29, were shot during the same incident and took themselves to Grady Memorial Hospital. Atlanta police said both men are stable. [totally free dating site]

Thankfully neither of the artists got hurt . Detroit rapper 42 Dugg wrote on his Instagram stories “Appreciate the concerns tho, i didn’t got shot. They wasn’t fighting me with that h*e either.”