Bryson Tiller drops deluxe version of “Anniversary” album

Back in October, 2020, Bryson Tiller dropped A N N I V E R S A R Y album and today he is back with deluxe version of the album. The original version of the album featured only Drake and the deluxe version comes out with a song “Still Yours,” featuring Big Sean. It also hots four new songs additionally.

“I feel like things have just been lining up perfectly. I feel like the stars are aligning through divine timing, you know, me and Drake finally getting a song in and we have got other stuff, too. Yeah, it just feels like everything is just lining up perfectly from the people I am working with to the signs that I am getting from God, you know? Um, they are there, everything just feels like it is happening the right way, it just feels like the beginning of a new era.” recently said Bryson Tiller in an inter view on Apple Music.

While we wait for Kentucky-born rapper and singer’s forthcoming triple-disc project, “Serenity” you can stream A N N I V E R S A R Y (Deluxe) album below: