King Von’s manager speaks about the man charged with his murder

A Chicago rapper King Von was shot and killed several month ago, on November 6. A fight in the parking lot of the Monaco Hookah Lounge
sparked a shootout between two groups. One other person was killed during the incident. The late rapper was 26.

King Von’s manager Track has been speaking about the night the rapper was killed. Track talks about Timothy Leeks, also known as AKA Lul Tim, who wound up being arrested for the murder.

Track was asked if he felt justice was served following Lul Tim’s arrest.

“Honest truth, I wouldn’t wish jail on my worst enemies, That’s just how I am, how I’m built. Honest truth, I could care — that’s his situation and he gotta deal with it. That’s his team. Whatever’s going on with them, that’s on them. Me, personally, I know what I’m dealing with with losing my brother and his family and just making sure we keep everything going. I don’t really think or even consider what’s going on on that side. That’s for them to figure out what they got going on.” – he replied.

Watch Track’s full interview with VladTV below: