New Song: Tee Grizzley – “Robbery Part Two”

One of the best storytellers in Detroit’s current rap scene, Tee Grizzley is back with his new single “Robbery Part Two,” produced by Chopsquad DJ. The track is the continuation of the first part which was dropped back in 2020 and is titled just “Robbery.”

Some of the quotable lyrics from the song includes: ” “B**ch get the f**k up and stop screaming, shut the f**k up / Where that n***a that you close to / you lie to me I’ma smoke you / Matter fact we bout to get the f**k on, I pulled up thought it was him and hit that boy in his dome / She like listen Tee I ain’t nothing wrong / I’m like listen I know, but there’s somebody that you know that’s gotta go.”

You can bump the new track below: