Tom MacDonald disses Eminem fans, says Eminem is the greatest of all time

Recently, Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald released a song titled “Fake Woke” and revived backlash for name dropping Eminem in the song.

“Eminem used to gay bash and murder his mom, now he doesn’t want fans if they voted for Trump”, Tom MacDonalds raps.

On the latest episode of “Before They Were Famous” with Michael McCrudden, Tom Macdonald speaks on the whole situation.

“I think that Eminem is such a prolific character in hip-hop, and rightfully so, but his fanbase is just so blinded by fandom. I’ve owned every album that guy ever put out with the exception of whatever, the last few years. But when I was a kid that was my go-to, I was so much inspired. I wouldn’t be here right now without Eminem. But just because Eminem inspired me and Eminem’s the greatest of all time, does not make him immune to criticism — and that’s how his fans feel. So just mentioning his name in the song — it started a whirlwind of sh*t”, said Tom.

Watch the whole conversation below: