Westside Gunn shares video of his newborn daughter in a Maybach car

Westside Gunn showed off his newborn daughter in style while on the backseat of his luxurious red Maybach truck.

Griselda rapper shared some great news via Instagram today, uncovering that he had been officially welcoming a new daughter into the world. Gunn opened the door to unveil his newborn child sleeping in the backseat, initially making it seem as if he was displaying a Maybach truck—a rare and luxurious new acquisition for his already substantial collection. “GOD IS THE GREATEST GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!” the rapper subtitles it. “Even tho she’s a girl she’s my junior Welcome to this krazy world “AJ” aka “WESTSIDE JR.”

Gunn also has another daughter, Westside Pootie, who is mentioned on many of his projects.