Bobby Shmurda does first Instagram live session with Rowdy Rebel

For his first live Instagram show since his release, Bobby Shmurda recently joined Rowdy Rebel,  peaking over at one-hundred-and-fifty thousand viewers.

Two of them were initially disrupted by the technological developments that occurred during their respective prison times, that made troubleshooting live more amusing. Many fans were quick notice that Shmurda appeared relaxed and especially at ease, enjoying his freedom by taking a time with some friends, considering his very brief presence. Alas, no plans of a musical nature were discussed by the couple, but do not be surprised to hear Shmurda return to the studio in the coming weeks, especially as he maintains such relevancy.


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  At its peak, Shmurda’s IG Live session drew an impressive number of viewers, peaking at 155,000 according to the DJ Akademiks. Given that it has been six years since Shmurda left, with nothing in the way of new music in the meantime to support his popularity, it is surely a remarkable achievement.