King Von has around 300 unreleased songs

A Chicago rapper King Von was shot and killed several month ago, on November 6. A fight in the parking lot of the Monaco Hookah Lounge
sparked a shootout between two groups. One other person was killed during the incident. The late rapper was 26.

According to his former manager, Track, the late rapper had around ten albums worth of content (over 200 or 300 songs), that his fans have yet to hear.

“Just going through my notes, I found a hundred songs, not released, Ay Track, check this out. Ay bro, what you think about this verse? What you think about this hook?’ One day, I went, I said, ‘Let me really see how much songs this man really had.’ Man got over 200 or 300 songs.” – said Track during a conversation with DJ Vlad.

Track says that King Von was a “workaholic”, revealing that there remain many unreleased collaborations between him and Lil Durk.