Watch : DaBaby records a man snitching on him

Just few hours ago DaBaby and his daughter had to go through a weird situation while being stopped in traffic. In series of clips shared by Charlotte rapper it can be seen while DaBaby was bumping music and enjoying quality time with his daughter a man walking by near their car recorded him and went to tell on him to police. It’s unclear what DaBaby did prior to this.

Later DaBaby drove pass them while him and stranger who was standing next to cop , recording each other. In the clip DaBaby’s 3 year old daughter can be hear saying “Daddy they ain’t gonna catch us” to which DaBaby replied with “you don’t know that“. Watch the full incident below:

It’s not first time this year DaBaby was snitched, just last month while 28 year old rapper was shopping in Rodeo drive, Beverly Hills, a store keeper snitched on him for carrying weapons which resulted in cops arresting DaBaby.