Kodak Black responds to people calling him a clone

Shortly, after Kodak Black was pardoned by the former president Donald Trump, the Florida rapper made his first appearance in public. He appeared at a Tampa Super Bowl party. The rapper looked completely unrecognizable. His appearance changed so much that fans were convinced that he was cloned by the government.

Tired of the responses, Kodak took to social media to respond to his critics, making it very clear that he’s still the same person:


“‘Why this don’t sound like Kodak, what the hell,’ so who I sound like? All this lil’ clone s*it, starting to make me mad now. See back then, [during] my other lil’ bids, whenever this lil’ clone s*it came out, I wasn’t really trippin’ on it, but y’all blowing me now. … you can’t motherf*ckin’ duplicate this shit. All kind of ni*gas be trying to imitate this here … that’s why they was mad that I came home.” – Black said.

This is not the first time Kodak clone speculation has arisen, In 2019, when the rapper posted a jail photo on his Instagram page, fans made the conclusion that Kodak had been replaced by a clone in jail.