Kodak Black roasted Gucci Mane after the rapper called him a clone

Since presidential pardon the Florida rapper is tired of being called a clone. The rapper looked completely unrecognizable. His appearance changed so much that fans were convinced that he was cloned by the government.

Kodak Black tries to make it very clear that he’s still the same person.

Even the Alabama rapper Gucci Mane trolled Kodak and talled him that he was dublicated while in prison.

“Is this the clone or the real one? @kodakblack,” – asked Gucci on his instagram page and shared his and Kodak’s covesation on his Stories.

“Ay you, ay you n***a, Gucci Mane, Radric Davis, Wizzop, Guwop, all that. I’m glad my comeback game wasn’t too much on point tonight, n***a, “When you said, ‘oh, is you a clone?’, you know what I should have hit you with? ‘B*tch, I might be!’ That’s what I should have told your little ugly ass. You got that smooth ass haircut but no waves on that motherf*cker. All that motherf*cking pomagrenade [sic], all that grease on that motherf*cker and you got no waves on there. Ayo, Keyshia! You need to make some product, wave product, for that n***a. Smooth ass haircut, not a damn ruffle up there.” said Kodak.

It’s clear that, Kodak and Gucci seemed to really vibe with each other.