6ix9ine sued for $75K for not paying security fees

6ix9ine is getting sued for second time in last two days. Controversies and 6ix9ine can’t stay apart, First him and Meek Mill ran into each other in the parking lot outside an Atlanta club. Later the ZAZA rapper attacked Lil Durk over his deceased relatives & friends, 6ix9ine googled “lil durk dead friends” and disrespected them.

According to TMZ 6ix9ine smashed a bottle on a strippers’s head in the club after she accidentally got caught in a crossfire.

Alexis Salaberrios has now filled a lawsuit against 6ix9ine on Friday. In a lawsuit she claims, 6ix9ine “deadly object with intent to commit serious bodily injury.” According to TMZ her lawyer says, 6ix9ine flung an object for someone how called him a rat but he missed the target and stripper claims the object hit on her head.

Now according to TMZ, now 6ix9ine being sued by Metropolitan patrol, who claims they have paid security for ZAZA rapper, 11 days in November 2018.  They have provided him 24 hour armed security, shifts were scheduled for them and they worked in suits. The services were set for $85 per hour during the day and $127.50 per hour in the night. The company says 6ix9ine is yet to pay them $75K but he refused to pay.