Drakeo The Ruler talks about Drake collaboration

Drakeo recently sat down with Rolling Stone to explore a number of subjects, including his work with Drizzy.

Last week, the Los Angeles native dropped The Truth Hurts, a project that included a desired Drake feature, and Drakeo claims to have six mixtapes in the works. We should expect a new album in near future. But in the meantime the rapper is getting back to the life.


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 In the interview Drakeo spoke about collab with Toronto superstar. “Talk to Me.” He started, “I mean, I know how my fans is, and they don’t want to hear that [Lover Boy] sh*t, so I tried to make it to where it’s Drake’s singing and I’m on what he’s talking about, but in my own way.” 

He was also asked  about changing the content to be less controversial. “Yeah, people have told me before, but this is what got me here,” he said. “I mean, I always change it up, I change it up every mixtape, but with certain stuff, I don’t know what else I would do. What’ll I do, pop music? I just think of it as my way of explaining stuff: my reality or my imagination.”