Fredo Bang talks about Beef with NBA YoungBoy

Fans get hard bars on contentious songs that go down in music history as Hip Hop and Rap beefs are set down on paper. However, some fanbases focus on pitting artists against one another for entertainment, and as a result, we often see aggression or even death.

It’s uncertain how long the feud between Baton Rouge rappers Fredo Bang and NBA YoungBoy has been speculated, but we’ve seen it play out on social media. While there have been insults and charges raised, few weeks ago Fredo maintained that he had no beef with the Top rapper. “I ain’t got no beef with him,” said the rapper. “It be social mediaβ€”I feel like fans, they find it more entertaining for people to be into it than people to just be cool. I feel like a lot of that come from that.” “I wish him the best,”

Recently Fredo was guest at Breakfast Club, where he talked about beefs and host directed conversation about rumored animosity, Rapper quickly answered that he “has no problem with” with YoungBoy.


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