JID and Metroboomin collaboration is in works

Dreamville’s spitter JID is gearing up for a major collab outside of his own label. Two days ago JID took to his twitter and gave shout out to one of the biggest hip-hop producer of modern times Metrooboomin , calling him one of the most talented and realest.

In response to which Metro replied “ Likewise my boy it takes 1 to know 1 4sho we applying PRESSURE”


It seemed like two artists giving each other props but later Hip-Hop collective Spillage Village’s affiliate Lou  tweeted out confirming that both artists are in fact collaborating right now “JID and Metroboomin making some of the craziest shit I’ve heard in a minute. Watchin em work it’s like they both respect each other’s craft so much they both goin crazy to make sure they do each other justice.” said the artist.


JID who also a member of Spillage Village has liked above tweet by Lou ,further confirming his collaboration with Metroobmin. Dreamville’s Atlanta based artist’s last album was released back in 2019 since then he has released handful of throwaway songs, participated in his label’s collaborative effort “Revenge Of The Dreamers 3” and Spillage Village album “Spilligion“. He has confirmed his next album will be titled “The FOREVER STORY”, a song off the album accompanied by music video was released just last week.