Playboi Carti says Lil Wayne inspired him to freestyle all his raps

Lil Wayne’s influence on hip-hop is incredible. Large amount of rappers cites the Lollipop rapper as their inspiration and Whole Lotta Red rapper Playboi Carti is one of them.

Playboi Carti admits Weezy inspired him to freestyle all his raps. During the conversation with Kid Cudi for Interview Magazine, Carti explains how Lil Wayne is one of the major influences for him.

“I’m right there in the moment,” Playboi Carti told Kid Cudi. “Everything is freestyle. Shout out Lil Wayne. I use whatever I bring with me that day.”

He continued, “If something is stressing me out, I’ll come to dish that. If I’ve been hanging around my street, I’ll make street shit that day. No matter the vibe of that day, that’s how I come.”

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