NF’s “Clouds” ranks as top new entry on Billboard Hot 100

The title track from NF’s upcoming mixtape earned  spot on Billboard Hot 100 this week.

Feuerstein’s new song “Clouds” is ranked #53 on this week’s all-genre Hot 100, thanks to solid sales and streaming engagement during its first full week of release. Radio activity is also generally included in the graph, but it was not a variable in this case.

At that spot, “Clouds” seemingly is this week’s top new track on billboard Hot 100, while it is NF’s seventh career entry on the chart.

With ten tracks, the new project will be available on March 26, 2021. NF also addressed why he’s releasing mixtape on the first verse of the song, “Mixtapes aren’t my thing but it’s been awfully. Exhausting, hanging onto songs this long is daunting” raps Nate.