Playboi Carti praises Kanye West in a lengthy interview with Kid Cudi

In an interview published Monday (March 1), Playboi Carti sat down with Kid Cudi to discuss the record, specifically collaborating with Kanye West, who executive produced it. He also mentioned how he now calls himself as rock-star. 24 year old artist was thankful Kanye for his work on the album.

Last Christmas, Playboi Carti released his second studio project, Whole Lotta Red. Although it initially got mix reactions from fans, some of the songs from the album have been finding relative popularity among listeners, including the Art Dealer produced cut “Sky.”

When Cudi asked Carti about collaborating with Kanye, Atlanta native immediately praised the hip-hop icon. “Kanye is the OG. He opened my eyes to some sh*t, – When I got around him, I realized why I love him so much. You get what I’m saying? When I get around you, I realize why I love you so much. I even appreciate Ye for introducing me and you,” he said while, praising Cudi as well.  “Being able to talk to somebody who understands what I’m saying, I got that from his whole camp. I felt that energy from everybody he deals with. I didn’t feel like a loner. The world I’m trying to build, he already got it going on. Ye is on this king vamp shi*. Cudi is on this king vamp sh*t. Y’all already on that.”- he continued raving.

Full interview Here.