Watch: G-Eazy​ completely spazzes for power 106 freestyle

The Bay Area rapper G-Eazy stopped by Power 106’s “L.A. Leakers” and dropped a blazing freestyle. Young Gerald showcased his explosive bars over Cam’ron’s “Down and Out.”

Before starting his rap he said “Wild and crazy Gerald is back,” then he began spazzing over the Kanye West-produced beat;“I swoop hoes from my shows, I just run through the crowd, Have drug-fueled orgies, I’m 10 rubbers down,  Livin’ balls to the walls, I ain’t dumbin’ it down, I’m like a white Jimi Hendrix, think my mother is proud.” he continued. “Patrick Bateman is my spirit animal, Either him or Hannibal,  F**k rappers, I hate ’em  Diss me, I ain’t sneakin’ shots to shade ’em, Make me f**k around, go Jason Statham.”

G-Eazy also mentioned his performance with Britney Spears at the 2016  VMAs. “2016 VMAs, my mom said I seen ya , I was on stage with Britney, I was off the Christina.” At the end he was seemingly satisfied with his performance “Maybe it was time that I remind y’all who Gerry is.

This year Gerald has released two collab songs; PROVIDE and A Little more with Chris brown and Kiana Ledé,  which are part of his fifth studio album These Things Happen Too, the sequel to his 2014 debut These Things Happen.