Jack Harlow reacts to Kendrick Lamar and Drake co-signing his freestyle

Earlier today Kentucky’s rising star Jack Harlow shared his old freestyle from archives, which is the first look of the “WHATS POPPIN” fame freestyling as a kid. Surprisingly for the fans and Jack himself one of the less social media active rap icon Kendrick Lamar liked Harlow’s video. It’s notable that this is Kendrick Lamar’sfirst activity on Twitter after almost an year, his last tweet was announcement of pg-lang and last liked tweet was back in 2019

Later Jack got co-sign from another icon Drake who commented under Jack’s freestyle post on Instagram “Hardddddddd” . Jack Harlow as expected got delighted getting the pat from the two hip hop stars as he later shared screenshot of both Kendrick Lamar and Drake co signing him. Check out below: