Kodak Black wants to lock in with Justin Bieber

After his Presidential pardon, Kodak Black continues his work actively. He alreade released a few songs and it appears that he is now getting ready for his next big project. Fans have been waiting for a long time and the wait will likely be worth it.

During a recent Instagram Live, a fan asked Kodak to collaborate with the Canadian pop star, a chart-topping, platinum-selling artist Justin Bieber and Kodak agreed to do.

“Man, tell that boy to holla at me. I got some shit for that boy, too. See Justin Bieber ain’t do no song with a real gangsta yet. He need that wave and shit, He did shit with Black people but he need to tap in with a real gangsta.” Kodak Black said.

It appears that the Florida rapper might be aiming to drop his most commercially-appealing album.

“I be seeing like, Seth Rogan and Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg hanging out and shit. I be likin’ that shit, I like Black and White people be together. That shit lit, for real.” he added.