The Game responds back to accusation of scamming multiple struggling rappers

Compton rapper The Game is facing a serious allegations that involved scamming money out of multiple struggling rappers. According to an Instagram account “The Foo Community”, the rapper is sliding into the DMs of struggling rappers and offers them a chance to feature in his SoundCloud mixtapes in exchange of $500 to $1000.

The post claims, “He doesn’t upload on his verified SoundCloud account, he uploads on a separate account with only 266 followers, In addition, he doesn’t market it on Instagram or Facebook, nor makes an appearance on any on the songs.”

The post also claims, “Rappers are angry because the game tells them he will work with them on a song, but claim that it’s all cap so you can purchase a slot on one of his tapes, They’re upset because he gives them a false sense of hope that maybe one day they can collab together.”

Now The Game responds back to the claim in a conversation with Rap-Up, “It’s not just a mixtape. I’m hosting singles and projects, going live, stories, video drops of me listening to their records”.

Despite the claims many upcoming rappers have thanked The Game for his support.