Watch: Chance The Rapper releases video for his new song “The Heart & The Tongue”

The official music video for Chance The Rapper’s new album, “The Heart & The Tongue,” was released today.

Perspective closes and gets personal with Chance in a little action shot video, where he starts by rapping while laying on a couch, his lyrics are shown in unique style on the frame. Chance is on his feet and his excitement is escalating as the travels into a red colored room.

Music video is written & directed by the rapper himself

Quotable lyrics :

My heart and tongue are fightin’
My mind is undecided
It’s not like Trump and Biden
It’s more like it’s something private
Like when yo’ cousins fightin’
One of ’em get excited
You can’t just jump the gun and pick a side and jump inside it
Remember Pontius Pilate hung a God and justified it

Before today’s release, Chicago rapper via social media posted a forty second clip, also revealing The title in the captions, then came another short part with Chance asking in excitement “when can I drop the whole thing”.