Drake mentions Kanye West on a new song, seemingly admits sleeping with Kim Kardashian

Earlier today Drake dropped his EP “Scary Hours 2”. The EP is follow up to Scary Hours , which included his most successful single to date “Gods Plan”. Hype started when one of his songs leaked online and Dj Akdemiks added fuel with series of tweets, where he mentioned that The boy was shooting new videos.

Drake’s “Wants and Needs” from the EP featuring Lil Baby got fans thinking Drake slept with Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashian, “Yeah, I probably go link to Yeezy / I need me some Jesus / But as soon as I start confessin’ my sins, he wouldn’t believe us,” rapped Drake.

“Did drake just say he told Kanye about Kim but Kanye ain’t believe him?”, one user wrote.

Another user added, “Drake basically admit he smashed Kim and told Kanye”.

“Drake basically admit he smashed Kim and told Kanye,” someone else added.

Listen to the song below: