Lil Reese takes shots at 6ix9ine

Lil Reese and 6ix9ine are taking shots at each other whenever they get the opportunity. Recently, 6ix9ine went live on Instagram and disrespected King Von for his death. Rapper Lil Reese joined him on Instagram Live and pulled the gun at him.

Now Lil Reese again took the opportunity to show shades at the ZAZA rapper. One of the users tweeted, “69 always saying how lilreese got caught lackin and how he didn’t use a gun at that time blah blah, what about when you got kidnapped?? Didn’t you say you was runnin for blocks?? lilReese stood his ground and what happened to the nig*as that jumped Reese?”.

Lil Reese quoted the tweet, “ Got kidnap and beat wit a pistol that boy a real life b*tch I got jump by multiple ni*gas and didn’t run at all stood on all 10”.